Waste to Electricity

Modern society constantly thirsts for more energy in order to keep functioning and growing. Waste-based fuel offers new solutions for producing environmentally friendly electricity at a profit, while simultaneously reducing landfilling. Using waste based fuels in power generation, instead of dumping them, also reduces the negative effects of landfilling, such as methane emissions, sanitary issues and odour problems.

BMH Technology offers solutions for all combustion and conversion technologies, such as gasification or pyrolysis for production of chemicals and alternative fuels. In addition to new builds, the existing power plants can be easily modified into using SRF/RDF as their primary fuel.

The supreme fuel flexibility built into BMH’s solutions enables combustion of a wide range of fuels. In power plant solutions delivered by BMH, SRF/RDF can also be co-fired with biomass, peat, agro-based and fossil fuels in power generation.

Lahti Energia KYVO2

Why choose BMH ?


We deliver all the needed equipment and know them inside out. This makes a smoothly running system with comprehensive guarantee and easy maintenance.


Robust construction and high level of automation, including MIPS® (Massive Impact Protection System), guarantee the best availability.


BMH layouts come in compact size and fit into limited spaces. ZeroGap®shredding  means high capacity and accurate separation.

Waste is different across countries and cultures and its characteristics can also vary locally during time. On the other hand, the processes that use waste-based fuel always have their own requirements, which need to be fulfilled consistently and reliably for the whole concept to be a success. This is why choosing the correct process for turning waste into fuel is of such critical importance.

With our experience and comprehensive process, you can customise your own TYRANNOSAURUS® production line for any non-hazardous solid waste material stream to meet your specific fuel needs. We help you to find the right capacity, correct particle size, optimum sorting equipment, and possible additional processes, all in a compact, efficient, and optimised layout.

Whether your goal is to maximise the fuel quality, minimise the process rejects, achieve
the highest possible capacity or optimise a specific compound in the fuel or in the rejects, the TYRANNOSAURUS® process, as modular and flexible technology, is the perfect solution.

Examples of Waste to Electricity Processes

Waste to Electricity -taulukko

Waste to Electrity plant in Sweden