About BMH

We believe a company is only as great as the people who embody the mission of their organisation. BMH is made of skilled, enthusiastic and determined people who share the same values, goals and passion for fuelling a cleaner future.



Passion creates excellent performance.

PASSION spurs us to make a difference on a global scale. Our commitment to reducing COemissions, cutting down the use of fossil fuels and solving global waste problems drives us to develop our equipment even further. We provide our customers innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions with a long lifetime.


Co-operation flourishes with mutual trust and appreciation.

CO-OPERATION is essential for our work and we want everyone to be involved, not only our personnel but also our customers, suppliers and other interest groups. Co-operation bases on mutual trust as well as on the appreciation of everybody’s expertise, requirements and achievements. We value all opinions and encourage our personnel to participate in joint decision-making. Together we improve our solutions, processes and management system to minimise risks and ensure better performance – pushing each other to excel!


Success results from full dedication to our customers.

SUCCESS is our target in everything we do. Together with our network, we create not only local, financial and technological success, but also sustainable global development. We want our success to benefit everyone around us.

Our success must have a sustainable basis. Therefore, we are committed to meeting all legal requirements and other obligations. To ensure this we value open and sincere communication with our stakeholders.