In 2019 BMH Technology celebrated its 90th anniversary.

On January 23rd 1929 captain Rafael Lönnström and his associates established Oy Sytytin. It was a company that manufactured time and contact fuses for the artillery. BMH Technology has come a long way from its origins but we are every bit as proud of our history. Today we work hard to fight the global waste and climate problems by designing and manufacturing sustainable solutions for producing energy. This we do with great enthusiasm as well as pride in Finnish innovativeness and engineering skills.

BMH history


The company was established by Mr. Rafael Lönnström & Co.


The 1st conveyor was manufactured.


The 1st large wood chip handling system was delivered.


The world’s 1st multi-function peat harvesting equipment was developed.


Since 1979 BMH has delivered hundreds of bio solid fuel handling solutions worldwide.
• Solutions for bark, peat, coal, sludge, paper and wood waste, wood chip, RDF
• Solutions for straw and wood pellets, forest residues, logging waste, pre-sliced stumps


BMH Technology AB was established in Sweden.
The 1st waste crusher was delivered.


The development of TYRANNOSAURUS® shredder for high-class waste-derived fuel was initiated


The 1st TYRANNOSAURUS® 990X series shredder was delivered.


The 1st complete SRF line was delivered.


Waste refining and handling concepts were launched: Waste to Fuel, Waste to Flame, Waste to Electricity.

From 2010 onwards, BMH has expanded the TYRANNOSAURUS® waste refining process deliveries also outside Europe i.e. to Asia, Australia and South America.


The Bioflame® concept was introduced.

Sales office in Poland was established.


Sales office in China was established.


The first TYRANNOSAURUS® waste processing plant was delivered in China.
This was a major milestone for BMH crowning the hard work done in a new market.


BMH Technology received the Outstanding & Innovative Contribution Award of China Cement Kiln Co-processing Technology from CCA (China Cement Association) in Beijing on December 23rd.

The award was presented to nine companies for having made great contributions in the co-processing of cement kilns concerning consulting & designing, equipment & manufacturing, building & installation and operation & management.

The awarded companies have improved the function of the cement kilns and made the smooth transition of environment protection as well as achieved great results socially and economically.


BMH received new quality management (ISO 9001:2015) and environment management (ISO 14001:2015) system certificates in February 2018.


On January 23rd BMH celebrated its 90th anniversary.

BMH received the new occupational health and safety management system certificate (ISO 45001:2018)  in May 2019.


Sales office in Spain was established.


Twenty years ago we delivered the first TYRANNOSAURUS® series shredder!

Our customer has taken good care of their T9904 with the support of BMH Life Cycle Services. The shredder has been in typical industrial use for the past two decades.

In addition to regular annual maintenance, the shredder's pusher has recently been updated with a stabilizing laser-optimized pushing system.