Separation Equipment


BMH Fuel Quality Control equipment constitute a compact, integrated and closed system. The purpose of these equipment is to improve and update the fuel quality as well as to optimise the particle size suitable for each particular boiler.


Separating inert materials, such as stones, bricks, glass and soil increases the fuel's calorific value. Automatic sorting also produces recyclable raw materials. Typical separation equipment in the TYRANNOSAURUS® process are Magnet, Eddy Current Separator, TYRANNOSAURUS®Fines Screen and TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier.

Separation equipment for waste


BMH Fuel Quality Control Unit typically consists of metal separation with a belt magnet, particle size control with a TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreen and oversize crushing with a slow-speed TYRANNOSAURUS® 6500 BioCrusher as well as fuel sampling. This equipment ensures that unwanted fractions are removed and the particle size is optimised.

Fuel Quality Control Unit

Examples of Our Key Equipment

TYRANNOSAURUS® 1500 Fines Screens

TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen separates fines, for example, sand, glass, soil from the material.

TYRANNOSAURUS® 2500 Air Classifiers

TYRANNOSAURUS®2500 Air Classifiers produce light and clean fraction to maximize the fuel quality


TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreens provide a reliable and cost-effective way to separate oversize material from the fuel flow for secondary crushing in the TYRANNOSAURUS® 6500 BioCrusher. They are ideal for screening biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass and pellets, peat and SRF. TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreens were developed based on conventional disc screens. The proven technical…

Star Screen

Star Screen brings more precision and availability to screening. Adjustability for different materials and conditions as well as modular design maximise the screening result. Star Screen has been developed to handle materials which include difficult impurities, such as stones and heavy metals. Thanks to the design of the stars, there are no unforeseeable stoppages due…

Pocket FinesScreen

Pocket FinesScreens were originally developed to separate saw dust from pulp chips as a reject. Nowadays they provide a reliable way to separate sand and other fines, such as dirt and saw dust from the fuel flow. They are ideal for screening biomass fuels, such as wood chips, demolition wood, bark, agro biomass, pellets as…