Waste to Electricity solution delivered to Xiaoshan, China

HJJ ( Hangzhou Jin Jiang Group) is one the biggest Waste to Energy companies using CFB boiler technology in China. As a part of HJJ´s boiler upgrade program the waste processing plant for the Xiaoshan power plant was completely replaced by a high capacity TYRANNOSAURUS® plant.

The Xiaoshan SRF production plant and the Hankou plant are together the first of their kind in HJJ. The plant was commissioned and taken into production in 2016.

The TYRANNOSAURUS® plant can process up to 700.000 tons of local municipal solid waste (MSW) per year and consists of two processing lines with TYRANNOSAURUS® 9904 Shredders and separation lines removing magnetic metal and heavy fraction. The SRF fuel is fed into the CFB boilers for electricity production. The TYRANNOSAURUS® plant has significantly improved the boilers' performance concerning availability, yield and reduced emissions.

Customer: Hangzhou Jin Jiang Group, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China
Category: Waste to electricity plant
Waste processing capacity: 438.000 tpa
Receiving storage volume: 10600 m3
SRF storage volume 12800 m3
20 tph / boiler (3 boilers in total)
Boiler size / Kiln capacity:
Main equipment: Chain-belt feeder, Drum screen, TYRANNOSAURUS® 9905 Shredder, Magnet separator, TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier, Conveyors
 Start-Up 2017