Experience as the secret ingredient for BMH’s excellent customer service

BMH has a long-standing reputation of providing high-quality maintenance, repair, and modification services to its customers. At the core of this perception are BMH's experienced employees, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project they undertake.

Senior Sales Manager Juha Peltola carries a bag full of experiences. He has been working with BMH Life Cycle Services since 1999 and has successfully solved hundreds of customer cases.

"With almost a quarter of a decade at BMH, I have seen firsthand how experience can benefit both our customers and the company", says Juha.

Experience translates into job ease and confidence

With primary focus on inspection and maintenance services, modernisations, and equipment, Juha is known for delivering exceptional customer service and continuously improving customers' processes.

For him, experience has translated into job ease and a high level of confidence in his work. With the ability to adapt proven solutions to new emerging challenges and a deep understanding of the most common yet also the rarest problems that our customers face, he has all the practical tools needed.

"Basically, my work is all about building mutual trust and executing our primary goal, which is to maximise our customers' process life cycles. Through experience, I have developed an innate sense of problem-solving that enables me to deliver results efficiently and reliably even in the toughest situations. I'm happy to say that in most of the cases where our customers use BMH's preventive inspection services, they rely on our recommendations on what to do", Juha says.

Teamwork and mutual learning

More than individual contribution, serving our customers is solid teamwork. We continue to learn from one another and believe that the sum of our experiences and skills equals more than any single team member could achieve alone.

"Despite my long experience, this is a journey with the possibility for continuous learning. There's always someone at BMH who might know more or have previous experience and can therefor offer a hand", says Juha.

Also, exploring the potential of experienced and new employees learning from each other is a vital component in fostering BMH experience reserve. As a part of transferring knowledge within the company, we bring them together and try to create a fruitful environment for sharing information.

"New employees and customers can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. I find it essential to stay open-minded and humble to develop myself", Juha describes.

Returning customers are the best feedback

The value of BMH's experienced employees extends beyond the technical realm. Customers can trust BMH to deliver a comprehensive  portfolio of solutions, from the basic service level to more demanding modification projects and certified equipment. One of the most significant results of our experience are our long-standing relationships with our customers.

"For this we are very thankful and proud of. When customers return to us year after year for maintenance, it's a compliment of our work", Juha ends.