Availability boosted with a spare reclaiming screw

Repairing a worn reclaiming screw on-site can take several weeks.

Wouldn't it be convenient if it only lasted one day to replace the screw with a brand new one during maintenance shutdown? Even better, if there would always be a spare screw at hand just in case. This is what we call maximising availability and minimising downtime - and it's the new normal for our customer Vantaan Energia.

Vantaan Energia has two round silo storages for biomass fuels. They are both equipped with TYRANNOSAURUS® LPE55 rotating screw reclaimers that discharge material evenly from the storage. To boost availability and minimise the downtime required for maintenance shutdowns, Vantaan Energia bought a third reclaiming screw as spare. The new LPE55 reclaiming screw is an enhanced and armor plated version, which further improves durability and lengthens required maintenance interval. The plan for the coming years is to repair one screw when needed (based on regular inspections) and replace it with the spare unit.

While one of the worn reclaiming screws was taken out yesterday and transported to BMH production for repair and upgrading with armor plates, the brand new one was delivered to Vantaa on the same day. We congratulate our customer on this excellent choice that enables shorter maintenance shutdowns and guarantees higher availability during the operating season.