TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers

TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers are ideal for automatic  reclaiming of fuel from high-volume storages. They are suitable for e.g. biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass and peat, as well as SRF/RDF. Traversing Screw Reclaimers secure an even flow of material out of the storage and are adjustable to fit process-specific capacity requirements.

There are two types of TYRANNOSAURUS® Traversing Screw Reclaimers..

The LPD model is designed for reclaiming material from rectangular storage silos, A-frame storage buildings, open-air piles and receiving bins.

The LPA model is designed for larger storage systems where a more extensive reclamation area is required. It is provided with supporting rail and drive arrangements in a machinery tunnel.

Main advantages

  • heavy-duty construction to ensure a long lifetime,
  • constructed from materials and equipped with special linings which best suit the use,
  • screws with replaceable teeth for demanding needs,
  • easy access to service points,
  • central lubrication unit and
  • maximum traversing length even up to 300 m.