TYRANNOSAURUS® 9000 BioCrushers

The low-speed TYRANNOSAURUS® 9000 BioCrusher is a safe, economical and efficient way for crushing e.g. wood-based residues, bales, pallets or stumps as well as cardboard, paper rolls and other packaging material. Low-speed crushing means less dusting and smaller amount of fines. It decreases the risk of sparks, fire and dust explosions as well as the likelihood to face damages caused by metal and stones.

The heavy-duty TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrusher produces even capacity with high availability and low operating costs. It has a spacious in-feed chute located above the crusher to receive material either from a preceding
conveyor or directly from a vehicle, even a whole truckload at a time. The rotor is armed with teeth, made of special steel, that can be turned and are easy to change. The rotor’s running is reversible and crushing takes place in both directions.

TYRANNOSAURUS® 9000 BioCrushers are available with one-rotor or two-rotor design and various drive alternatives to fit different capacity and in-feed material requirements.