TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreens provide a reliable and cost-effective way to separate oversize material from the fuel flow for secondary crushing in the TYRANNOSAURUS® 6500 BioCrusher. They are ideal for screening biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass and pellets, peat and SRF.

TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreens were developed based on conventional disc screens. The proven technical solutions, combined with flexible modular design and innovative purpose-built performance, ensure that TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreens are superior to any other fuel screen in terms of both reliability and end-product quality. Higher capacities are easily achieved by increasing the number of shaft assemblies. The size of separated fractions is determined by the chosen disc gap.

Main advantages:

  • high capacity per screening area,
  • end-product particle size is determined by the chosen disc gap,
  • compact, simple and dust‐tight design,
  • self‐cleaning action provided by rotation of the discs,
  • specially designed discs accelerate material movement and maximise screening performance,
  • shaft assembly construction and disc material can be chosen according to usage requirements.