TYRANNOSAURUS® 8800 Shredders

TYRANNOSAURUS® 8800 Shredders are designed for shredding MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). They are high performance shredders with emphasis on superior availability, high capacities and carefree operation.


TYRANNOSAURUS® 8800 Shredders provide excellent shredding capacity and output quality. Hydraulic Power Transmission ensures high operational hours with maximal torque for optimal shredding performance. Changeable screens ensure desired particle size in a single shredding phase.


The operation is highly automated. Big doors and patented inward-opening hatch system make it fast, easy, clean, and safe to access the shredder, if necessary. Robust construction makes the shredders withstand impurities such as rocks, cement, metals, etc. Big doors and hatches make it easy, safe and fast to remove non-shreddable impurities from the shredder.


The control system logic always chooses an optimal shredding speed according to the waste type to maximise shredding efficiency and the life time of wear parts.

Main advantages:

  • ideal for unsorted MSW,
  • works in demanding conditions and with high moisture materials,
  • easily exchangeable knives and screens,
  • low operating and maintenance cost,
  • highest availability hours – minimum maintenance stops,
  • high capacity, even output quality and
  • intelligent control system for optimal shredding.