TYRANNOSAURUS® 6600 PreShredders

As the quantity of wet organics is usually high in MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), the waste should be presorted before the actual SRF/RDF production process. Incorporating a TYRANNOSAURUS® PreShredder into the process will increase the capacity of the entire production line and further improve the quality of the end product.

TYRANNOSAURUS® PreShredders are an ideal solution for rough shredding. They are especially designed to open plastic bags and prepare waste for organics separation.

The TYRANNOSAURUS® PreShredder is a two-rotor, slow-running waste reducer of extremely robust construction, specially designed for industrial purposes at a high capacity. The machine has a large number of features to ensure reliable and economic operation, for example easily exchangeable knives.

The preshredder reduces the material to the size of < 300 mm enabling the subsequent separation process to work optimally.

TYRANNOSAURUS® PreShredders are also available for primary shredding of waste in grate fired incinerators.