Tubular Belt Conveyors

Tubular Belt Conveyors are a good choice for conveying various kinds of bulk materials over long distances at high capacities. The material lies unaffected on the conveyor belt throughout its journey between the transfer points.

The flexible design of Tubular Belt Conveyors enables horisontal and vertical curves and therefore the solution fits well to demanding sites and space-limited environments. This versatility becomes a particularly useful feature when conventional conveying systems are to be replaced in existing installations.The enclosed design prevents spillages, keeps the environment dust-free and protects the material from external impurities.

Main advantages

  • enclosed design prevents spillage and keeps the environment clean and dust-free,
  • enclosed belt tube maintains the handled material undamaged and free from external impurities,
  • simple and flexible layout solutions for space-limited sites,
  • less cross stations and related auxiliary equipment are needed which means higher reliability and lower operating costs and
  • standard components already proven to work in conventional belt conveyors.