Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are one of the most economical ways to transfer bulk materials over short distances. Ideally they work for biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass and pellets, as well as SRF, coal, peat, ash, cement, lime and minerals.

Besides transferring materials from one place to another, screw conveyors can be used for:

  • feeding, dosing and mixing,
  • distribution of material flow,
  • cooling (double-wall special design)
  • humidifying (when equipped with internal water nozzles) and
  • vertical lifting of certain materials.

Main advantages

  • standard modular design,
  • horisontal, inclined and vertical designs,
  • tubular or U-shaped conveyor trough,
  • special design flights for difficult sticky materials,
  • screws with wear-resistant facing for demanding conditions and
  • simple construction for easy maintenance.