Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag Chain Conveyors are a safe and reliable solution for handling powdery and dusty bulk materials in industrial processes that require a continuous and even material flow. They can be used for instance in receiving the material and transporting it to intermediate storage, filling storage silos, discharging from storage or for intermediate transportation in the TYRANNOSAURUS® SRF production process.

Drag Chain Conveyors can be customised for a variety of materials in terms of composition and temperature.It is possible, for example, to include water-cooling designs and heatproof structures. Materials such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass, pellets, peat, SRF, coal, ash, cement, lime and minerals can be transported with Drag Chain Conveyors.

Main advantages

  • dust-tight and spillage-free construction,
  • customised solutions based on modular engineering for fast and cost-effective installation,
  • horisontal or inclined installations, or a combination of both,
  • several inlet and outlet points,
  • standard components and chain types,
  • forged chains for heavy-duty applications,
  • special chains for heavy-duty and demanding conditions (heatproof structures),
  • possibility to include water-cooling designs and
  • simple construction for straightforward maintenance.