Jenni, Layout Engineer

”It’s wonderful to have combined values with my employer; I’m proud to tell where I work. We deal with serious business with a good touch.”

At BMH since 2010 (Documentation Engineer, Product Manager: Screening and Separation)

Education | B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

I work as a Layout Engineer but my job description has in fact changed three times within the past years. I think that the possibility for job rotation is an excellent opportunity at BMH and it has not only given me new challenges but also boosted my motivation.

I find my previous experience with our equipment and several plant visits a huge benefit regarding my new position. In my daily work I create layouts for the sales organisation. In addition I am involved in internal development work for the Layout design department.

Being a Layout Engineer requires a lot of interaction with other departments of the organisation, which brings variation to my daily routines. Another thing that I like about my job is being able to use my creativity.