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Waste to Flame solution delivered to Cimpor – Alhandra, Portugal

The Waste to Flame system of CIMPOR in Alhandra consists of recovered fuel handling process including receiving, storage silo, screening, conveying and feeding to the burner by gravimetric feeder. The process ensures that the recovered fuel is suitable to be used in the burner.

Customer: CIMPOR Industria de Cimentos, S.A.
Category: Cement mill
SRF preparation capacity 70 000 tpa
SRF receiving capacity: 300 m3/h
SRF storage volume: 1 000 m3
Main burner feeding capacity for Kilns 6 and 7: 2 x 5 ton/h (30×30 mm)
Kiln capacity: Kiln 6; 4. 100 tpd of clinker production capacity

Kiln 7; 3. 200 tpd of clinker production capacity

Main equipment: Chain Reclaimer, Silo with TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer, Magnet Separator, TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreen, Conveyors
Start-Up: 2014

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