Waste to Flame solution delivered to BBMG in Handan, China

BBMG (Beijing Building Material Group) is the biggest cement producer in northern China and among the 10 biggest producers worldwide. BMH Technology had the privilege to deliver their first SRF production plant to Handan in the southwestern part of Hebei province, China.

The delivered TYRANNOSAURUS® plant can process up to 250.000 tons of local MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) per year and the produced SRF is fed into the cement kiln pre-calciner. The cement plant, owned by Handan BBMG Taihang Cement Co. Ltd, is located approximately 10 km away from the fuel preparation plant. The fuel preparation plant lies right next to the landfill of Handan.

This was an interesting co-processing project which integrated the local municipality and landfill to the production and consumption of alternative fuels and raw materials in an effectively zero waste concept. This means the fuel preparation process was not allowed to create any rejects for the local landfill.

As a result of this project BBMG achieved a reliable and more sustainable fuel source as well as a supply of alternative raw materials. All material is used either as fuel in the cement plant or as raw material and nothing is being dumped to the landfill. The project realizes the “harmlessness, minimization, and recycling” goal for MSW disposal, yielding the customer with economic, environmental, and social benefits.

The performance test of the facility was performed in July 2017 and the plant exceeded the performance goals in capacity and particle size. Currently the plant is operating at a capacity of approximately 50 tons per hour, maximum capacity being at approximately 65 tons per hour.

Customer: Handan BBMG Taihang Cement Ltd., China
Category: Cement plant
Waste processing capacity: 65 t/h, 250.000 tpa
Receiving storage volume: 1500 m3
SRF storage volume 500 m3
Main equipment: TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 2412, TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 3212,  TYRANNOSAURUS® 6604 Shredder, TYRANNOSAURUS® 9905 Shredder, TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier 2500, 2 pcs , 2 pcs Magnet separator, 2 x Air Classifier 2500, Conveyors
 Start-Up 2017