Waste to Electricity solution delivered to Pohang, Republic of Korea

The TYRANNOSAURUS® plant delivered to POSCO E&C in Pohang, Republic of Korea, refines the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) of the surrounding area into SRF, which is used at an integrated BFB power plant that produces process steam and electricity.

The SRF process separates impurities, such as ferrous, aluminium, sand, glass, stones, bricks, ceramics and partially also PVC plastics. The POSCO plant is an exceptionally compact and cost-efficient unit to be located in the immediate vicinity of a power plant. Its single production line can handle 40 tons of waste per hour, which is enough to supply SRF for the entire power plant.

The annual processing capacity of the plant is 170.000 tons of fresh and baled MSW and it can produce up to 140.000 tons of BFB quality fuel (less than 100 mm) per year. The plant was successfully commissioned and taken into commercial production in 2018.


Customer: POSCO E&C
Category: Waste to Electricity
Waste processing capacity: 170.000 tpa
Annual output capacity: 140.000 tons of BFB quality SRF
Main equipment: TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 3218, TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder 9905, Magnet separator, TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen 1503, Eddy Current Separator, TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier 2503, Conveyors
Start-up: 2018