Biomass Fuel Handling solution delivered to Naantali, Finland

Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE) provides district heating for the nearby area and electricity for the industry. Its power plant in Naantali has a long history starting in the 1950s. The first three units (NA1, NA2 and NA3) were built in the 1960s and 1970s and the latest one was taken into use in 2017.

The new NA4 unit has a significant impact on reducing the use of coal in TSE's energy production and decreasing CO2 emissions. The majority of the biofuels, such as biomass from forests, thinning logs, chipped poles, stumps, straw, and industrial by-products such as bark and sawdust, are sourced from the nearby area or transported abroad by sea.

BMH Technology delivered an additional fuel handling system for the new multifuel boiler NA4 in 2018. The new system enables biofuel deliveries also by sea, which increases the options for fuel sourcing. The system consists of a receiving station for ships, fuel quality control unit and feeding conveyors to storage and boiler line. The design enables burning half of the received fuel immediately and transferring the other half into storage.


Customer: Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy, NA4 power plant
Category: Combined heat and power plant
Fuel handling capacity: 400-800 m3/h
Storage feeding capacity: 200-800 m3/h
Boiler line feeding capacity: 100-700 m3/h
Boiler data and size: NA4 CHP, multi-fuel power plant

Capacity: ~430 MW

Main equipment:
  • Fuel receiving for ships
  • Scalper screen
  • Conveyor line to fuel quality control unit
  • Fuel quality control unit including magnet, disc screen and oversize crusher
  • Fuel feeding line to storage and boiler line with distribution screw
  • Stacker for open-air storage
Start-up: 2018