Biomass Fuel Handling solution delivered to Mikkeli, Finland

Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE) has a long history in energy production and is known for its mission to be a pioneer in using renewable resources. Pursiala Power plant is located in the town of Mikkeli, next to lake Saimaa. This sets certain strict environmental requirements for its operation.

The plant consists of three separate boilers which have a combined heat power of 125MW. They also produce 62MW of electricity annually. The plant’s main mission is to supply district heating for the town of Mikkeli and its surroundings. Pursiala Power plant uses 80% wood based fuels and 20% peat as its energy sources.

The new biofuel handling system was a turnkey delivery consisting of a truck receiving station, fuel quality control unit, screening, oversize crushing, storage silo and related conveying equipment.

The biggest advantages provided by the new system are improved safety and the possibility to handle larger volumes of fuel.

Customer: Etelä-Savon Energia Oy, Pursiala power plant
Category: Combined heat and power plant
Fuel receiving capacity: 300-1000 m3/h
Fuel preparation capacity: 1000 m3/h
Fuel storage volume: 7500 m3
Boiler feeding capacity: 100-600 m3/h
Boiler size and data:
  • Pursiala 1 CHP-Plant (CFB, 84MW, 33kg/s, 114bar, 535°C)
  • Pursiala 2 CHP-Plant (BFB, 35kg/s, 67bar, 515°C)
  • FLK 2 heating plant (BFB, 27MW, 12bar)
Main equipment:
  • Three (3) truck receiving units with drive over hatches and chain reclaimers V=75m3 each.
  • Chain conveyor line from receiving via screening to storage silo and boiler feeding lines
  • Coarse screen KSK1806
  • Fuel quality control with magnet, TYRANNOSAURUS® KSK2022 Disc Screen and TYRANNOSAURUS® 6522 Oversize Crusher
  • Intermediated storage silo with TYRANNOSAURUS® LPE55-Rotating Screw Reclaimer
  • Buildings, Dust control, Electrification and Automation
Start-Up: 2017