Biomass Fuel Handling solution delivered to Kalundborg, Denmark

Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore and onshore wind farms and bioenergy plants. It also provides energy products for its customers. Headquartered in Denmark, the company employs 6.300 people. Ørsted’s vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy and it has decided to phase out the use of coal by 2023 to reduce the climate impact.

The new woodchip-fired power plant ASV6 in Kalundborg replaces an existing coal-fired power station and converts wood chips into renewable power: district heating for the town of Kalundborg, process steam for nearby industry and electricity. It increases the use of certified renewable biomass in Ørsted and Denmark. Ørsted only uses biomass from forests that comply with The Danish Industry Agreement for Sustainable Biomass which ensures a sustainable use of solid biomass in CHP plants.

The ASV6 plant comprises of a new woodchip boiler, a steam turbine, heat exchangers and a complete fuel handling system for woodchips. In total this was an investment of 1.2 billion DKK.

BMH delivery to Kalundborg is a complete fuel handling system for processing woodchips. The wood chips are delivered to the plant by ships or trucks and unloaded either into a travelling receiving pocket on the jetty or directly to the open-air storage.  From the open-air storage the fuel is then fed into a fixed feeding pocket for further processing. The fuel quality control station separates ferrous metals and screens out oversized particles before the fuel enters the 5000m3 round silo storage. Inside the silo, a fully automated screw reclaimer discharges the fuel according to the “first in - first out” principle and feeds it on a belt conveyor leading to the boiler.

The ASV6 plant is expected to reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 800.000 tons. This contributes significantly to the green energy transformation in Denmark.


Customer: Ørsted, ASV6 power plant
Category: Solid biofuel handling
Fuel handling capacity: 1.000 m3/h, feeding to open-air storage or silo storage
Boiler line feeding capacity:  300 m3/h
Boiler data and size: ASV6 in Kalundborg, Denmark is a CHP, multi-fuel power plant

Capacity: ~140 MW thermal power

Main equipment:
  • Fuel receiving from ships; feeding pocket on the jetty
  • Automatic sampling station
  • Conveyor line to open-air storage
  • Feeding hopper on open-air storage
  • Fuel quality control unit including magnet and disc screen
  • Fuel feeding line to storage
  • Round storage silo 5.000 m3 with TYRANNOSAURUS® rotating screw reclaimer
  • Fuel feeding line to boiler
Start-up: 2019