Biomass Fuel Handling solution delivered to Curtis, Spain


Greenalia is an independent energy producer operating exclusively with renewable energy technologies: wind, solar and biomass. The company has been in the forestry sector for more than 40 years, and its operations cover everything between sourcing the raw materials and energy production.

The law in Galicia requires the collection of forest residues. This fact, together with the renewable energy tender held by the government in 2016, made Greenalia take the decision to start this investment. Its new biomass-fired power plant in Curtis, Spain, has an annual capacity of 50 MWe and consumes around 550.000 tons of forest residues per year. The forest residues come mainly from pine and eucalyptus cuttings and all the biomass is sourced in Galicia from a maximum distance of 100 km around the plant.

The delivery by BMH Technology includes a crushing station with four TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrushers, Fuel Quality Control, a 20.000 m3 A-frame storage, a fifth crusher for controlling the moisture in the fuel, feeding to boiler, conveying systems as well as all auxiliary equipment and electrification.

This project contributes significantly to the maintenance of the forests and the reduction of forest fires in Galicia.


Customer: Greenalia, Curtis-Teixeiro Biomass Plant
Category: Solid biofuel handling
Crushing capacity: 3 x 50 tph, 1 x 30 tph
Fuel handling capacity: 1.000 m3/h
Fuel storage: 20.000 m3
Boiler line feeding capacity: 80-400 m3/h
Boiler data and size: Power boiler plant featuring bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology

Capacity: 130 MW thermal power, 50MW electric power

Main equipment:
  • Crushing station with four TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrushers
  • Automatic sampling station
  • A fifth crusher for controlling the moisture of the fuel
  • Fuel quality control unit including magnet and disc screen
  • Fuel feeding line to storage
  • A-frame storage, 20.000 m3 with two traversing TYRANNOSAURUS® screw reclaimers
  • Fuel feeding line to boiler
Start-up: 2020