Bioflame solution in Salmisaari Power Plant, Helsinki, Finland

Helen Oy produces district heat to the city of Helsinki and power to the electricity grid. They have three big pulverized coal fired power plants in Helsinki, one block in Salmisaari and two blocks in Hanasaari. BMH’s Bioflame concept enables the production of greener energy by co-combustion wood pellet in Salmisaari Power plant.

The Bioflame solution consists of wood pellet receiving, preparation, storage systems and feeding conveyor to the boiler. There is also a truck specific sample taking system. The plant is a turnkey delivery including fuel handling equipment and also electrification, automation and all necessary auxiliary systems.

Customer: Helen Oy, Salmisaari, Helsinki, Finland
Category: Power plant
Fuel receiving capacity: 250 m3/h
Fuel preparation capacity: 250 m3/h
Fuel storage volume: 2 x 1 000 m3
Boiler feeding capacity: 5 – 25 m3/h
Boiler size and data: Electricity power 160 MW and heat power 300 MW
Main equipment: Sample taking unit, magnet separator, automatic storages, dosing and feeders system to boiler, Receiving pocket with reclaimer, Conveyors to silos.
Start-Up: 2014