Bioflame solution delivered to Drax Power Station, UK

Drax Power Station is the biggest power plant in the UK, with a total energy production capacity of 4200 MWe divided on 6 power boilers. The plant is originally a coal firing power plant. Three of the boilers have been converted to firing pellets.

Drax Power station was originally a huge coal-fired power station in New Yorkshire Selby, England. Several of the plant’s boilers have been converted into using pellets. BMH delivery includes a road receiving system with a drive through truck receiving station that has the capability to receive several trucks per hour. Four 3 200 m³ storage silos with TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers are also included in the delivery. The receiving capacity for pellets is 550 m³ per hour and 750 m³ for silo reclaiming.

Customer: Drax Power Station, Selby, New Yorkshire, UK
Category: Power plant
Pellet receiving capacity: 550 m3 /h
Pellet storage capacity: 4x 3 200 m3
Silo reclaimer capacity: 750 m3/h
Boiler size and data: 6 pcs, 720 MWe each
Main equipment: Truck receiving station, 4 x 3000 m3 silos with TYRANNOUSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers.
Start-Up: 2009