Road safety campaign for first-graders

Day by day the mornings are getting darker and it is more difficult to see the pedestrians and bike riders. As a part of BMH’s 90 year celebration, the jubilee committee organised a campaign to improve road safety among local first-graders. All 14 elementary schools in the company’s home town Rauma are included in the campaign and will receive reflective TYRANNOSAURUS® vests for their first-graders during the month of September. This autumn there are more than 400 kids in Rauma who started first grade in school.

Safety is a priority at BMH Technology and we wish to spread it around.

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is based on everyone’s attitudes and it can be seen in our everyday operation. Here at BMH we have this principle that everyone has the right to return home from work feeling equally good as they did when leaving for work. This also applies to schoolchildren of all ages and with this campaign we wish to draw special attention to the safety of our youngest road users. Attitudes related to traffic and road safety are picked up at an early age, which is why hope this campaign will inspire everyone to evaluate their own traffic behaviour“, underlines Mikko Osara, CEO of BMH Technology.

BMH’s jubilee committee, accompanied with the company’s CEO, handed out the reflective TYRANNOSAURUS® vests for the first-graders at a local school.