Progress with ASV6 project in Ørsted, Denmark

Our delivery for the ASV6 project in Ørsted, Denmark is in good speed. The first wood chip ship will be unloaded in May.

BMH delivery consists of a travelling, quay-based receiving hopper for ships, belt conveyors transporting the biomass to either open-air storage or to a 5 000 m³ fuel silo, equipped with a rotary screw feeder, via fuel quality control station. The fuel quality control station includes magnetic separation of metal contaminants and oversize screening. The capacities are 1000 m³ per hour for each receiving hopper, 1000 m³ per hour for the fuel quality control station and 300 m³ per hour to the boiler.

The quay-based receiving hopper for ships has a capacity of 1000 m³ per hour.