New office in Pori

October 15th was the grand opening day of our new office in Pori. The building, known as the “Round office”, is located in Karjaranta, close to Pori center.

“Expanding our office base to new areas means more flexibility and possibilities in hiring new professionals It’s also a significant change in terms of journey to and from work for those who live in Pori region We are satisfied to have made this investment”, says Johanna Msagha, BMH Technology’s HR specialist.

Pori office will be the permanent daily working place for ten members of current BMH staff. It also provides space for future recruits and the possibility for current staff in other cities to occasionally work in Pori.

Besides the headquarters in Rauma, BMH now has two branch offices in Finland: the newly opened office in Pori and an office at the campus area of Tampere University of Technology (TUT). In addition BMH has a hub in Ylöjärvi that is focused on belt conveyor services.