Active spring and summer for BMH project sales

During the spring BMH did well with public tenders and signed significant delivery contracts for solid biofuel handling systems in Finland. These deliveries to Seinäjoki, Tampere and Helsinki will be handed over to the customers in 2021 and 2022. In addition, the summer brought the company more good news from southern Europe where three more deals were signed. These three deliveries in Italy and Spain will all be handed over in 2021.

In Italy BMH has signed a contract for an extension to a previously delivered BMH shredding plant in Monza. The existing plant was delivered in 2009 and it currently consists of a TYRANNOSAURUS® 9904 shredder with ferrous and non-ferrous separation. The extension will complete the processing line into Italy’s first full-scale TYRANNOSAURUS® SRF plant with the capability to produce high-quality cement kiln fuel by means of air classification and fine shredding.

In Spain two deals have been signed for modifying the storage systems in existing plants. The modifications are carried out to ensure the plants’ capability to operate with versatile biomasses such as agrofuels. These are the first deals in Spain since opening up the new BMH Spain office in Pontevedra in May.

Altogether, BMH project sales has had an extremely active spring and summer creating new project sales worth more than 50 M€ in total. We thank our personnel for their outstanding work in helping our customers and we are grateful to our customers for the excellent choices they have made by investing in Finnish technology.