A summertime of learning

It was a true pleasure for BMH to once again have several young and enthusiastic people working with us during the summer months. Our trainees handled various tasks in several departments and gained valuable work experience while getting to know our business.

The employments varied from few weeks to several months. Some of our summer trainees will continue their studies but with some we are happy to continue working together part-time after the summer.

Sharing experiences from different departments gained new insight for our summer trainees after a summertime of working at BMH.

Based on our summer trainees’ feedback this summer was a success – a true summertime of learning, sharing and growing. “I genuinely feel that my efforts were appreciated and hope to have taken some pressure away from others’ shoulders”, says Anselmi who worked with ICT department. “This was my third summer at BMH and it offered me many moments of learning and personal success in completing my tasks.”

Some of our summer trainees we have had the pleasure to work with already before, but we also had first-timers in our teams this summer. “I started at BMH as a master thesis worker and continued to work here as a summer trainee around the same topic”, explains Pekka whose studies will next take him to Aalto University in Espoo. “Increased networking and creative thinking as well as improved presentation skills and more comprehensive decision making are the fruits that this summer carried for me.”

Anniina is a fresh MBA graduate from University of Turku with a degree in management and organization. “BMH is packed full of talented people from different areas of expertise. It has been exciting to get to know many of them and they have really made me feel at home here”, says Anniina who has worked part-time with project documentation already since 2017 and joined BMH full-time for the summer.

Our positive and welcoming working atmosphere, along with helpful colleagues, seem to have made a strong impact on our trainees as they were the single most often mentioned things that came up when we asked about our trainees’ overall experience working with us. “My experience with BMH is very positive. In addition to great co-workers, I find my tasks interesting and conveniently challenging,” states Tom who aims to finish his studies soon and hopes to get a permanent job at BMH. “It was easy to start working at BMH as I had such welcoming colleagues”, says Petro who worked for BMH for the first time and handled e.g. travel arrangements.

“For me, a positive and approachable working environment, a strong culture of self-direction and a proactive approach to taking responsibility are the top things to remember from BMH”, concludes Marko who worked for BMH for the first time and gave his work contribution for developing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

Everyone at BMH wants to express their heartfelt thanks to all our summer trainees for this summer and wish you all the best for future challenges to come.