TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders are designed for receiving untreated material. They are typically combined with a TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder or a TYRANNOSAURUS®  BioCrusher.  The feeders are available for different receiving applications, such as overdrive for back-tipping and unloading trucks. Alternatively the feeder can be loaded from the side with  a front wheel loader or directly by a bucket crane.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders provide an excellent solution for optimising the feeding process. The feeder works both as a buffer and as a feeder for the process and lengthens the loading intervals. Its moving floor continuously feeds an optimum amount of material into the process as it communicates with the shredder / crusher, allowing the process line to always work at maximum capacity. BMH has also developed a patented two-phased feeder, which simultaneously enables both the optimisation of the crusher/shredder feeding and truck unloading in the other end.

The feeding capacity is adjusted according to the level of measurements taken from the shredders hopper. TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders have high availability and low maintenance costs. In addition they are safe to use and easy to install.