TYRANNOSAURUS® 2500 Air Classifiers

The final touch of quality for the end product is given by the TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier. It typically separates the material flow into heavy and light fraction removing inert material, such as glass, stones and ceramics. 

 Thanks to the preceding treatment process phases, the separation is very effective. The input material is small in size and it comes to the air classifier in a very thin and even stream. There are no airborne plastic bags, including for example stones, which could continue their way to the light fraction output.

The separated heavy fraction consists for instance of stones, metals, glass, ceramics, organics, wood and hard plastics. It is also possible to use a three-fraction separation, in which case the so-called medium fraction, containing the organics, wood, hard plastics etc., is taken out separately, if desired.

 The output light fraction is typically both mechanically and chemically clean and ready high quality SRF/RDF.

Operation costs for  TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifiers are low and they work seamlessly as a part of the process.