Pocket FinesScreen

Pocket FinesScreens were originally developed to separate saw dust from pulp chips as a reject. Nowadays they provide a reliable way to separate sand and other fines, such as dirt and saw dust from the fuel flow. They are ideal for screening biomass fuels, such as wood chips, demolition wood, bark, agro biomass, pellets as well as SRF.

The design is based on rotating overlapped rolls. While in operation, the precision-machined surface structures form momentarily closing compartments, or “pockets”, between the rolls. In these compartments the fines pass through the screen. Thanks to this unique design, only particles smaller than the chosen size are separated from the accept.

Pocket FinesScreen are superior to all competitive fines screens in terms of both reliability and end-product quality. Higher capacities are easily achieved by increasing the number of shaft assemblies. The size of separated fractions is determined by the chosen size of pockets.

Main advantages:

  • high capacity per screening area,
  • end-product particle size is determined by the chosen size of pockets,
  • compact, simple and dust‐tight design and
  • self‐cleaning action provided by rotation of the rolls.