BMH Technology offers a comprehensive solution for refining waste into local, environmentally friendly fuel that can replace coal and other fossil fuels in energy  production. The system comes with wide guarantee, one-stop service, fitting interfaces and compact layout. The TYRANNOSAURUS® waste refining plant, delivered turnkey, produces tailor-made and always optimised fuel. Just one production line can process as much as 1200 tons of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) or 600 tons of ICW (Industrial and Commercial Waste) per day.

The key features of the TYRANNOSAURUS® system are high availability and capacity, low
production cost, low maintenance cost and high level of automation. The process can be
adjusted on-line to produce the desired fuel quality for the end user.


Effective shredding is the most important phase in processing waste into SRF/RDF. The
TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder can reduce particles in a single stage to optimised size
according to customer requirements. The shredder weighs up to 90 tons and has a rigid
steel frame. Not only is it robust, but it is also intelligent. MIPS® (Massive Impact Protection
System) means that the shredder will detect and reject any unshreddable items and keep on working. This function is completely automated, which has a significant impact on the availability of the system.


Shredding is a wear-intensive function. ZeroGap® shredding means that the particle size and quality are preserved even when the knives are worn. This technology, patented by BMH Technology, maintains the cutting gap in zero hydraulically, ensuring an optimal cutting profile. Thanks to ZeroGap®, the TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder is able to process even the thinnest waste materials, such as plastic films and foils. The shredder’s knives are hydraulically adjusted to keep on working optimally and lengthen the service interval.


  • Tailor-made solution
  • From analysis & engineering to installation & commissioning
  • Process guarantee

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