China taking important steps in the battle against climate change

BBMG (Beijing Building Material Group) is the biggest cement producer in northern China and among the 10 biggest producers world wide. It has 70 cement production lines that use Chinese coal as their main fuel. BBMG’s new strategy is to steadily increase the use of alternative fuels. This is where SRF will have an important role.

The Handan SRF production plant, delivered by BMH Technology,  is the first of its kind for BBMG. The plant was commissioned and taken into production in 2017.

The TYRANNOSAURUS® plant includes a waste receiving bunker combined with pre-shredding and followed by screening where the remaining over-sized waste is processed in the main shredder (T9905). Two separation lines remove magnetic metal and heavy fraction. The SRF fuel is fed into the cement kiln pre-calciner at a designed substitution rate.