Waste to Electricity solution delivered to Hangzhou Jin Jiang Group Co., LTD, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China

HJJ ( Hangzhou Jin Jiang Group) is one the biggest Waste to Energy companies using CFB boiler technology in China. As a part of HJJ´s boiler upgrade program the waste processing plant for the Xiaoshan power plant was completely replaced by a high capacity TYRANNOSAURUS® plant.

The Xiaoshan SRF production plant and the Hankou plant are together the first of their kind in HJJ. The plant was commissioned and taken into production in 2016.

The TYRANNOSAURUS® plant can process up to 700.000 tons of local municipal solid waste per year and consists of two processing lines with main shredders T9904 and separation lines removing magnetic metal and heavy fraction. The SRF fuel is fed into the CFB boilers for electricity production. The TYRANNOSAURUS® plant has significantly improved the boilers performance concerning availability, yield and reduced emissions.