Waste to Fuel solution delivered to Rayong, Thailand

The plant for Global Power Synergy Public Co., Ltd in Rayong was built to solve the local waste problems and produce alternative fuel for energy production. The plant refines local MSW into RDF and separates recyclables and raw materials.

The GPSC plant can produce up to 130.000 - 150.000 tons of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) on a yearly basis. It was commissioned and taken into use in 2017.

The waste treatment process is divided into two main stages. The first stage is the pre-treatment stage, where the majority of the organic contents of the waste are separated from the main material stream. The sorting is done with a pre-shredder and followed by efficient two stage screening. The reject material from this stage is mostly organic residues, which is sent to a biogasifier.

The main processing line further reduces the particle size, after which the material stream undergoes several different sorting stages. Both magnetic and non-magnetic metals are sorted out separately from the stream with high precision and sent out to be recycled. Inert fine fraction and heavy 3D particles are also sorted out from the main material stream. The end result is high-quality RDF, with high calorific value and small particle size.


Customer: Global Power Synergy Public Co., Ltd (GPSC)
Category: Waste to Fuel
Waste processing capacity: 220.000 tpa
Annual output capacity: 130.000 - 150.000 tons of RDF
Main equipment: TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 2412, 1 unit, TYRANNOSAURUS® Pre-shredder 6604, 1 unit, Drum screen, 1 unit, Disc screen, 1 unit, TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 3208, 1 unit, TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder 9905, 1 unit Magnet separator, 1 unit, TYRANNOSAURUS® Fine Screen 1503, 1 unit, Eddy Current Separator, 1 unit, TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier 2502, 1 unit, Conveyors
Start-up: 2017