Biomass Fuel Handling solution delivered to Nokia, Finland

Nokianvirran Energia Oy provides district heating to the city of Nokia and steam for industry. BFB boiler’s total heat power is 68 MWth. The boiler uses biofuels such as forest residues, peat, bark, wood chip and forest industry sludge. The sludge is fed directly into the boiler from Oy Essity Ab’s factory via conveyors. The other fuels are sourced from outside the plant area and delivered by trucks.

The biomass fuel handling plant consist of biomass receiving, fuel quality control, automatic storage systems and feeding conveyor to boiler. The forest industry sludge is conveyed from dryer to boiler by tubular belt conveyor system. There is also an emergency feeding system and a truck specific sample taking system. The plant is a turnkey delivery including fuel handling equipment and also electrification, automation and all necessary auxiliary systems.

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Customer: Nokianvirran Energia Oy
Category: Heat power plant
Fuel receiving capacity: 600 m3/h
Fuel preparation capacity: 600 m3/h
Fuel storage volume: 6 000 m3
Boiler feeding capacity: Biomass 40-200 m3/h, sludge 5-20 m3/h
Boiler size and data: 68 MWth, 85 bar, 480°C,
Main equipment: Receiving Drag chain reclaimer, sample taking unit, magnet separator, TYRANNOSAURUS® BioScreen 1618, TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrusher 6521, TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 5023, emergency receiving pocket, tubular belt conveyor and other conveyors
Start-Up: 2016