Solid Biofuel Handling Solutions

BMH solutions are based on thorough knowledge of all biomass, long experience and on-going product development, robust products manufactured by ourselves to ensure quality and long working life and, of course, high professionalism in safety and environmental matters.

Not only are our solutions excellent in terms of layout design and automation expertise, but our project know-how is also first class. We have been at hundreds of sites all over the world. You can get the whole fuel handling system from us, in a turnkey delivery, and be sure that every part of the solution fits together perfectly.

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Why choose BMH ?


We deliver all the needed equipment and know them inside out. This makes a smoothly running system with comprehensive guarantee and easy maintenance.


Ever since our first deliveries to pulp and paper mills in the 1960s, it's been clear that technological solutions in these contexts can never fail.  We are proud to say our reference list is filled with satisfied customers who fully rely on our expertise.


All fuels are not equal and demand different solutions. With extensive experience and know-how of different fuel qualities, BMH offers the ideal solution for every fuel.

Outstanding solutions for fuel handling

It makes sense to contract only one supplier for the delivery of an entire fuel handling system. Combining individual equipment into a complete, controlled and efficient ensemble requires full understanding of all the elements. This allows designing a system that can reach the highest possible availability.

BMH solid fuel handling systems are renowned for their outstanding performance and excellent availability. We have widespread experience with all solid fuels, such as wood chips, stumps, forest residue, sticks, energy willow, peat, pellets, bark, eucalyptus and SRF/RDF.


Solid Biofuel Handling System


A typical BMH solid fuel handling system includes receiving, fuel quality control, storing and conveying solutions.

Receiving stations are the first step on the fuels’ journey. Sometimes they constitute a small temporary storage as well. Receiving needs to be quick and safe, and it must allow for a big capacity. BMH fuel handling systems have excellent dust control and pay close attention to ATEX issues.

Reliable and efficient fuel preparation is the first stage in making premium fuel. When ready fuel is not available or it is the customers’ preference to prepare their own fuel, we can deliver compact fuel preparation systems.

BMH fuel quality control equipment constitute a compact, integrated and closed system. The purpose of the system is to improve and update the fuel quality as well as to
optimise the particle size suitable for each particular boiler.

BMH storage systems are the outcome of intense product development and are designed with several important functions in mind. Altogether, they constitute an outstanding storage system for solid fuels.

Conveying is a part of the process that barely gets noticed when it works well. That is exactly the way we deliver them: reliable, durable, dust-proof and easy to maintain.


The low-speed TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrusher is a safe, economical and efficient way for crushing e.g. wood-based residues, bales, pallets or stumps as well as cardboard, paper rolls and other packaging material. Low-speed crushing means less dusting and smaller amount of fines. It decreases the risk of sparks, fire and dust explosions as well as the likelihood to face damages caused by metal and stones.

The TYRANNOSAURUS® BioCrusher produces even capacity with high availability and low operating costs. It has a spacious in-feed chute located above the crusher to receive material either from a preceding conveyor or directly from a vehicle, even a whole truckload at a time. The rotor is armed with teeth, made of special steel, that can be turned and are easy to change. The rotor’s running is reversible and crushing takes place in both directions.

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