Solid Biofuel Handling Solutions

With more than 70 years of experience in solid biofuel handling for large-scale power boilers BMH Technology is a pioneer in its field. During the past decades, we have refined our systems into a true turnkey solution.

BMH solutions are based on strong knowledge of solid biomass, long experience and continuous product development, robust products manufactured by ourselves to ensure quality and long lifetime and, of course, high professionalism in safety and environmental matters.

ESE Mikkeli Solid biofuel handling solution

Why choose BMH ?


We deliver all the needed equipment and know them inside out. This makes a smoothly running system with maximum guarantee and easy maintenance.


Ever since our first deliveries to pulp and paper mills in the 1960s, it's been clear that technological solutions in these contexts can never fail.  We are proud to say our reference list is filled with satisfied customers who fully rely on our expertise.


All fuels are not equal and demand different solutions. With extensive experience and know-how of different fuel qualities, BMH offers the ideal solution for every fuel.


The main components for BMH solid fuel handling systems are fuel receiving, fuel quality control, storage and boiler feeding. There are also other complementary value adding features available such as automatic sampling.

Our systems are capable of handling all solid biofuels, such as wood chips, round wood and other forest residues, eucalyptus, energy willow, olive kerns and pellets, from receiving to boiler feeding. Each fuel handling system is unique in its requirements.

Solid Biofuel Handling System

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Solid Biofuel Handling

BMH fuel handling systems are applicable for various fuel and power boiler types. We provide all needed equipment from receiving to conveying to boiler.

Pulverised Biomass to Boiler -

BMH offers the complete biomass co-combustion solution for coal-fired power plants and oil-heated district heating plants.

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