Waste to Electricity solution delivered to Rauma, Finland

Rauman Biovoima is a combined heat and power plant (CHP) supplying process steam to the local paper industry and district heat to the city of Rauma, as well as electricity. Other fuels besides SRF are bark, forest residues and peat. The power plant complex includes a BFB and a CFB boiler, which use altogether nearly 100.000 tons of SRF annually.

The delivered TYRANNOSAURUS® Waste to Electricity plant is directly integrated with the BFB and CFB boilers. It consists of energy waste processing lines, an SRF fuel storage and a dosing and feeding system to the boiler building including necessary auxiliary systems.

Customer: Rauman Biovoima Oy, Rauma, Finland
Category: CHP plant
Waste processing capacity: 90 000 tpa
Receiving storage volume: 1 000 m3
SRF storage volume: 3 000 m3 + 300 m3
Boiler feeding capacity: 80 tph / 30-300 m3/h
Boiler size and data: CFB 160 MWth, 115 bar, 530°C and BFB 107 MWth, 120 bar, 540°C,
Main equipment: Two phase feeder, TYRANNOSAURUS® 9905 Shredder, Magnet separator, Eddy current separator, Automatic storages with TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers , Conveyors
Start-Up: 2014