Waste to Electricity

Waste to Electricity solution is customized to fit the requirements of Power Plants for production and handling of Solid Recovered Fuel. The solutions includes it all: from receiving the waste until boiler feeding and ash handling. Solid Recovered Fuel produced by TYRANNOSAURUS® Waste to Electricity process has optimum particle size and quality for fluid bed boiler combustion. BMH Technology’s continuous product development and over 40 years of experience on supplying fuel handling solutions for power plants, enables us to design and deliver customized solutions to fit individual needs of each Power Plant.

Waste to Electricity Process Overview

See how Waste to Electricity process turns waste to fuel with high capacity

1. Feeding
1. Feeding
The TYRANNOSAURUS® process starts with the step feeder. Its moving floor continuously feeds an optimum amount of waste into the process while it communicates with the TYRANNOSAURUS® shredder. Once fully loaded it keeps the process automatically well fed, while the operator can focus on other tasks.
2. Shredding
2. Shredding
The next step is to reduce the waste into suitable particle size with the TYRANNOSAURUS® shredder. The TYRANNOSAURUS® Shredder cuts almost any solid waste to a size of a business card in one pass. Challenging materials such as carpets and plastic films or foils are no challenge to the shredder. It is able to process as much as 50 tons of waste per hour to 80 mm particle size. It is the most robust shredder of its kind and has patented features without comparison. The Massive Impact Protection System (MIPS®) protects the shredder against any major damage caused by unshreddable items. The ZeroGap® technology ensures an optimal cutting profile even with worn knives. It is a semi-automatic system hydraulically maintaining the cutting gap in zero. As an outcome of these features, high capacity, low operational cost and the highest availability in the market are guaranteed.
3. Separation
3. Sepatation
After size reduction ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which may harm the boiler or have material value, are separated from the waste. Magnets and Eddy Current separators are used for sorting out these materials. Magnet is often the very first separation equipment simply collecting ferrous metals with very strong magnet. Eddy Current uses a strong magnetic field that changes polarity with high frequency to separate non-magnetic metals such as aluminum and copper. After separation, these metals can be further refined into recycled raw materials.
4. Screening
4. Screening
Very fine non-combustible materials such as glass chips, sand, gravel, and soil, are also often separated from the waste before moving further into the process. This increases the calorific value of the produced fuel while also removing components that might cause problems during incineration. The screening phase ensures the suitable quality of the fuel. Then fines are screened with TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen. Larger inert particles such as pieces of brick, stones, residual metals and other heavy three-dimensional particles are separated in the end of the process to guarantee high quality fuel production. TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier finalizes the screening process by separating last heavy inert particles from the fuel. Additional and more complex or dedicated recycling processes can also be integrated to the process according to customer needs, to maximize the utilization of recycled materials and circular economy. These can be, for example, additional components to remove organic fractions.
5. Conveying
5. Conveying
The key to designing a fuel handling system that operates uninterrupted is to thoroughly know different fuels and environmental conditions. The idea is to minimise electricity consumption and maintenance costs and to maximise the lifetime of the equipment. This is achieved by ‘counting backwards‘, i.e. starting with the boiler’s requirements. This in turn determines the needed capacity and speed of the conveyors, while taking into account the properties of the fuel. At BMH we know all about conveying and always provide our customer with the best solution that gives them additional value and profit. The conveying systems of BMH Technology are designed to fit individual layout requirements of each site and plant. The conveyors are designed as safe and free of dusting.
6. Fuel Storage
6. Fuel Storage
BMH storage solutions are the outcome of intense product development. They have several unique features that constitute an outstanding solution. First of all, the storage building comes in a compact layout. It does not require a lot of horizontal space, yet it has a large storage volume. Secondly, the storage is a completely closed structure, which means it creates no smell, dust or spillage. The third advantage is related to the fuel flow in and out of the storage. The silo has a first in - first out working principle, which not only secures the fuel quality but also increases safety by significantly reducing the risk of self-combustion. Fourthly comes homogenizing the fuel quality. As fuel layers piling up in the storage are seldom equal in terms of general quality or moisture, it is vital to get a good mixture of all the layers. Thanks to the structure of the silo and rotating screw reclaimer on the bottom of it, the general quality as well as the moisture content within the fuel are balanced. Finally, the fifth advantage of the silo is providing an even and controlled material flow. The reclaiming is automated and adapted to the requirements set by the following process. The structure of the storage is designed to prevent the fuel from forming an arch. This guarantees a constant material flow for the screw reclaimer. TYRANNOSAURUS® Screw Reclaimers are of a heavy-duty construction, which guarantees a long lifetime. They are designed to reclaim material evenly from all parts of the storage to even further homogenize the quality. The screws are set with easily replaceable teeth for quick maintenance. Maintenance is facilitated by easy access to service points, and automatic lubrication takes place through a central lubrication unit. The screws have specially furnished linings and are made of materials according to fuel characteristics
Fuel Storage
7. Boiler dosing and feeding system
7. Boiler dosing and feeding system
Accurate boiler dozing from day silos with screw reclaimers and required conveyors.

Key equipment



TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders enable optimal feeding to the shredder/crusher ensuring continuous maximum capacity.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders are an excellent solution for optimizing feeding process to the shredder when continuous flow of material is needed. Feeder works as a buffer and a feeder for the process and lengthens the loading intervals. The feeding capacity of the Feeder is adjusted according to the level of measurement taken from the shredders hopper. TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders are designed to have high reliability and low maintenance costs, in addition TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeders are easy to install and safe to use.

Product name Width (m) Length (m)
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 2412 2.4 12
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 2418 2.4 18
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 2424 2.4 24
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 3212 3.2 12
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 3218 3.2 18
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 3224 3.2 24
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 4012 4.0 12
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 4018 4.0 18
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 4024 4.0 24
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 6012 6.0 12
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 6018 6.0 18
TYRANNOSAURUS® Feeder 6024 6.0 24


TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 Main Shredders

TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 main shredders are the World's biggest and strongest waste shredders.

TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 shredders are the most strongest, robust and smartest waste shredders. They are able to shred any combustible material to uniform particle size in one single phase. TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 shredders have advanced automatic MIPS® (Massive Impact Protection System) which protects the shredder from damages due to unshreddable items. The material is cut into pieces and wear of knives is limited thanks to unique ZeroGap® technology. TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 shredders represent most advanced technology and strongest design in the market.

Product name Power (kW) Rotor length
TYRANNOSAURUS® 9903 365 2400
TYRANNOSAURUS® 9904 525 3200
TYRANNOSAURUS® 9905 685 4000


TYRANNOSAURUS® 8800 Main Shredders

TYRANNOSAURUS® 8800 main shredders are designed to process mixed Municipal Solid Waste on high capacity.

TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 Main ShreddersTYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 Main ShreddersTYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 Main Shredders sg aergh aery TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 Main Shredders TYRANNOSAURUS® 9900 Main Shredders

Product name Power (kW) Rotor length (mm)
TYRANNOSAURUS® 8804 264 2200
TYRANNOSAURUS® 8805 320 2700
TYRANNOSAURUS® 8806 400 3200


TYRANNOSAURUS® 1500 Fines Screens

TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen separates fines, for example, sand, glass, soil from the material.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screens separates sand, soil and other fines from the material, and also reduces the content of ash, humidity, chlorine and heavy metals. The shape and material of the stars enable high screening precision and durability. Throughput of the TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen is adjustable with speed and star gap.

Product name Power (kW) Shafts
TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen 1501 5.5 12
TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen 1502 11 24
TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen 1503 16.5 36
TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen 1504 22 48


TYRANNOSAURUS® 2500 Air Classifiers

TYRANNOSAURUS®2500 Air Classifiers produce light and clean fraction to maximize the fuel quality

TYRANNOSAURUS® 2500 Air Classifiers produce clean light fraction by separating inert material, such as glass, stones and ceramics. TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifiers can separate the material into two or three fractions and they are easily adjustable. Operation costs of TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifiers are low and they work seamlessly as a part of the process.

Product name Power (kW) Width (m)
TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier 2502 90 2.5
TYRANNOSAURUS® Air Classifier 2503 90 2.5


TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers

TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers are suitable to discharge solid fuels from silos or round open-air storages.

TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimers are suitable for reclaiming material from silos and round oper-air storages automatically. They are ideal for handling biomass fuels, such as wood chips, bark, sludge and pellets, peat and solid recovered fuel. Service and maintenance is easy through service points and the TYRANNOSAURUS® Screw Reclaimers are easily adjustable to fit the process and material requirements.

Type Max Capacity


TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 1005 70
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 2007 250
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 2507 350
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 3012 700
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 3514 700
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 4016 800
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 5025 900
TYRANNOSAURUS® Rotating Screw Reclaimer 5527 900


Tubular Belt Conveyors

Tubular Belt Conveyors are suitable for conveying material over long distances at high capacities

Tubular Belt Conveyors are ideal choice for conveying bulk materials over long distances at high capacities. The flexible design of Tubular Belt Conveyors enables horizontal and vertical curves and therefore the solution fits well to demanding sites and space-limited environments. The enclosed design prevents spillages, keeps the environment dust-free and protects the material from external impurities.

Inner diameter of the tube (mm) Capacity (m3/h)
150 100
190 150
235 240
275 320
315 420
370 580
420 750
475 950
530 1200
585 1450
640 1750
690 2000
745 2400
800 2700


Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag Chain Conveyors are ideal for safe and reliable transportation of bulky materials in various industrial processes.

Drag Chain Conveyors are safe and reliable solution for handling bulk materials in a continuous and even material flow. They can be used for instance in receiving the material and transporting it to intermediate storage, filling storage silos, discharging from storage, and in intermediate transportation in TYRANNOSAURUS® SRF production process. Drag Chain Conveyors are customized for variety of materials in terms of composition and temperature for instance there is a possibility to include water-cooling designs and heatproof structures. Materials such as wood chips, bark, agro biomass, pellets, peat, SRF, coal, ash, cement, lime and minerals can be transported with Drag Chain Conveyors. BMH Technology customizes the Drag Chain Conveyor solution to fit the individual needs of each process.

Width (mm) Capacity m3/h
650 150
800 200
1000 300
1200 400
1400 500
1600 700
2000 1000


Screw conveyor

TYRANNOSAURUS® Fines Screen separates fines, for example, sand, glass, soil from the material.

Screw Conveyors are economical ways to transfer bulk materials over short distances.

315 mm
400 mm
500 mm
630 mm
710 mm
800 mm
900 mm
1000 mm
1120 mm
1250 mm
1400 mm
1600 mm


Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators are an ideal choice for vertical transportation of different bulk materials.


Rotary Valve Feeders

Rotary Valve Feeders are optimal solution for feeding and dosing variety of different fine-grained or dusty materials.


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Lifecycle maintenance contracts

Did you know?

Usage of SRF in power plants helps to substitute fossil fuels and thus helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, avoids landfilling, promotes energy production from renewable sources, saves natural resources and reduces dependency on importing other energy sources.

(European Recovered Fuel Organization, ERFO.2012. Facts and Figures 20123.)