Let TYRANNOSAURUS® show his teeth!


TYRANNOSAURUS®systems can handle a wide variety of materials such as mixed MSW, commercial waste and industrial waste. The idea is to reduce the particle size of the waste for optimal separation precision and combustibility of the fuel.


MIPS® (Massive Impact Protection System) means that the shredder spits out large pieces of metal that cannot be crushed automatically. Therefore there will be no damage to the shredder and the process line will not stop for any long periods of time. Thanks to MIPS® system no one has to take items out of the shredder which ensures a high safety level to the process.

ZeroGap® shredding means that the knives are hydraulically adjustable which minimizes the wear of knives and lengthens the service interval.

TYRANNOSAURUS®is efficient

TYRANNOSAURUS®shredders are among the largest and most powerful shredders in the world. Thanks to the high capacity of TYRANNOSAURUS®shredder,  the system uses very small amounts of electricity per processed tonne.

Efficient separation systems combined with the main shredder give you large amounts of SRF with optimal fuel quality. In addition valuable material are separated to maximize the profit.