The Bioflame® solution is designed to meet tighter environmental regulations and to increase the share of bio fuels and recovered fuels in energy production in existing pulverized coal boilers. The process equipment are designed to meet tight safety and environmental standards. With the Bioflame® process solution power plants are able to decrease their dependency on coal with reasonable investment cost.

Bioflame® Process Overview

Learn how to benefit from Solid Biofuels and Solid Recovered Fuel in existing pulverized boilers.

1. Receiving
The receiving system is designed according to the way of transportation. The receiving solutions by BMH can receive fuel from tucks, trains and ships. The receiving stations are designed to operate reliable, safely and dust-free. 

2. Storage Silos
Totally closed, first in - first out automatic storage with adjustable screw reclaimer.
Storage Silos
3. Fuel feeding to boiler
Automatic fuel feeding to boiler. Even feeding is achieved by the level measuring technology and correctly designed and manufactured buffer bins and feeding equipment.
Fuel feeding to boiler
4. Biomass Burner
Wood dust burners.
5. Grinding Process
Biomass grinding to particle size < 2mm.
6. Storages
BMH Technology offers storage systis from small buffer pockets to high volume harbor storage facilities. Therefore there are always suitable storage solution for each process. The storage systi consist of feeding, storage and reclaiming equipment.

7. Grinding

The fuel particles has to be reduced to correct size for optimized fuel combustion. Right grinding technology ensures correct particle size and uniform quality.

8. Powder dosing and pneumatic blowing to boiler

Accuracy is the key to success in fuel co-combustion process. Pneumatic Blower ensures stabile burning and clean flame to maximised efficiency.

Bioflame® Success Stories

  • Drax
    Success Stories

    Bioflame solution delivered to Drax Power Station, UK

    BioFlame solution delivered to Drax Power Station Read more about the project

  • Salmisaari
    Success Stories

    Bioflame solution in Salmisaari Power Plant, Helsinki, Finland

    Bioflame solution in Salmisaari Power Plant enables co-combustion of wood pellets in existing coal-fired boiler.Read more about the project

  • Kivenlahti
    Success Stories

    Bioflame solution in Kivenlahti Power Plant, Espoo, Finland

    Bioflame solution delivered to Kivenlahti Power Plant in Finland for co-combustion of pellets.Read more about the project

  • hanasaari
    Success Stories

    Bioflame solution delivered to Hanasaari, Helsinki, Finland

    Bioflame® solution delivered to Hanasaari Power Plant in Helsinki, Finland to have co-combustion of pellets in existing coal-fired boiler.Read more about the project